david caograd photos, 2023

Are you graduating this year? Want some bomb-ass photos to mark the end of your college journey? If you're interested, contact me at the email below and we can schedule something out!

contact: david@cao.sh
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With pricing, my goal is to strike a balance between what's reasonable within your means (we're all broke college students here) and what's reasonable as compensation for my own skills, equipment, and labor.

My philosophy for payment is base rate plus pay what you want. I charge a base rate depending on if you're taking pics on your own or as a group, and if you have the means, you can pay however much extra depending on what you think the service is worth. My rates are below:

Individual Lite!

Consultation regarding outfits, locations.

However many locations, outfits you can fit in 1 hour

Includes all raw photos, 10 edited photos

$75 + pay what you want

Individual Premium™

Consultation regarding outfits, locations.

However many locations, outfits you can fit in 2 hours

Includes all raw photos, 20 edited photos

$125 + pay what you want


If you're coming with a group! Includes both group and individual photos.

Consultation regarding outfits, locations, photoshoot length, and number of edited group photos

Includes all raw photos, 20 edited indiv. photos/person, and edited group photos

$100/person + pay what you want

Other accommodations

For folks without financial means, or for members of historically marginalized communities, having your grad photos taken can be a simple & empowering joy, but one that might be less accessible for reasons outside of y'all's control.

In the spirit of uplifting y'all and making this service as accessible as possible, if any of these things apply to you, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'm more than happy to make other accommodations :^)


What if I don't know how to pose?

My goal is to create a safe space for you while your photos are getting taken, so I'll be helping you pose too!

When should I expect my pictures by?

Raw photo uploads should take ~1 week, with edits coming in ~2-3 weeks. This may fluctuate depending on my own capacity (I'm a student too!).

What kind of editing should I expect?

I will process the images after the photoshoot to retouch them color-wise. I don't do facial retouching or anything of that sort.

Sample images