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Seascape: a smarterer CAPE9/9/19

Seascape is a new website for finding and comparing courses and professors at UCSD. It uses existing professor/course quality data and provides metrics and graphs which makes it easier to compare and quantify the quality of different professors/courses.

elba 0.3.0 & elba.pub6/16/19

Idris is basically production-ready now
elba is a new-ish package manager for the Idris programming language. Over the past few months, there has been slow but steady progress towards making elba a more robust package manager that can play in the big leagues.

the new blog5/1/19

Back in ye olde days, I managed to get a website for myself running on Github Pages. I thought it was so cool: full-spread images with parallax scrolling, a persistent navbar up top, Bootstrap thrown over the whole thing, the works.

announcing elba8/13/18

A new package manager for Idris.
Idris is a pretty neat language. But it doesn’t have a package manager, which means managing large projects becomes a bit of a chore.


Hello there. I don’t really know what I’m going to use this website for. Being able to say that I have a website is nice though.