Back in ye olde days, I managed to get a website for myself running on Github Pages. I thought it was so cool: full-spread images with parallax scrolling, a persistent navbar up top, Bootstrap thrown over the whole thing, the works.

After several years, my taste has changed somewhat.

The most recent iteration of this blog used After Dark, which isn’t a bad theme. However, there were some small things which irritated me (h1 headers being indistinguishable from titles, general issues with legibility, a not-so-ideal landing page, …). And the new After Dark updates seem to be taking it into a weird, all-in-one swiss army knife of website creation (with a cryptominer to boot). Plus, I figured it was high time I give myself some ViSuAL iDEntItY.

Thus, this new blog theme, which I have christened dcao. I think it looks pretty nice while being fairly minimal (the landing page is ~100 kB, mostly because of the custom fonts). It’s also being hosted by Netlify instead of Gitlab, meaning I get https for free!

Anyway, now that I’ve finished messing around with web programming, I can get back to the other stuff…